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Looking to Recruit a Pastor or Lead a GHC Church?

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

John C. Maxwell
Whether you're a leader looking for placement or part of a church who is looking to recruit a leader, GHC can help!

If you're looking to lead a GHC Church here is a list of materials which are needed for review BEFORE placing your name with search committees:

Complete, Sign, Date & Mail To

Attn: Michele Prater
Growing Healthy Churches
2420 Camino Ramon Ste 140
San Ramon, CA 94583
We are seeking out effective pastors throughout the nation, to join us in our vision of "Growing Healthy Churches." Your return of this information will allow us to match your gifts with the needs of our churches. We look forward to establishing a lifelong relationship of mutual support and learning with you.

Please know that our Regional Staff is here simply to advise and assist. God will be in charge of placing you where you are needed most. All authority, legal responsibility and accountability rests with the local church.

Our Region provides pastoral skill training, leadership development, lay ministry training, and a vision of "Growing Healthy Churches."

If you share our passion and are looking to recruit or be recruited, please feel free to contact us.

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