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About Us

Healthy Churches, Led by Healthy Leaders, Changing the World

Growing Healthy Churches is an association of churches working together in covenant to help advance the Kingdom of God by pursuing the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.
Established in 1889, GHC walks along side churches & their leaders to help them to overcome hurdles & barriers in their unique ministries. We are honored to partner with the Church in reaching communities for Christ.

What's Our Mission?

We serve churches!

What’s our Vision?

Healthy churches…led by healthy leaders…changing the world!

We Value ...

Being Christ-centered
We value being Christ-centered, therefore everything we do will display and announce Christ.
Being Spirit-empowered
We value reliance on the Spirit’s power working in us and through us.
Being Biblically-directed
We value prayerful engagement with Scripture in shaping our ministry.
Being Church-focused
We value the Church as the primary catalyst in the Kingdom of God, therefore resourcing churches is our central focus.
Healthy Leaders
We value developing leaders in their spiritual, emotional, relational and physical health.
Supportive Relationships
We value cultivating environments for learning, networking, encouragement and accountability.
We value the multiplication of Christ-followers, churches, and leaders; therefore, we will serve churches in the areas of evangelism, church renewal, church planting and leader development.
We value listening attentively to God, one another, other Christ-followers and to our culture in order to be more effective in doing God’s work on earth.

GHC on Mission

How We Serve ...


Church Health Assessments and Congregational Coaching
Envisioning and Re-visioning
Capital Campaigns
Transition Services
Resourcing and Networking
Crisis Response and Intervention


Training Events
Care: Pastor, Spouse and Family
Pastoral Placement

Church Starting Pastors

Offering all the resources available to all pastors plus…
Contract negotiation and administration
Church Planting Plan Development

Church Lay Leaders

By Resource Center Staff
By GHC Consultants

Others & The Kingdom of God

Church Health Assessments and Congregational Coaching
Denominational Leaders
International Training Schools for Church Leaders and Pastors

Mission-Minded Leaders Working Together

  • I see GHC as a team, with a skipper (Tim Brown) who won't give up.  And God is our captain.  We will overcome obstacles as we work together as a team with a goal to cross the finish line. Phil 3 God will bless us as we begin to place value in helping our churches get better, grow bigger, & become healthier ... being able to have greater Kingdom Impact.

    Gary Cooper, GHC Consultant
  • I believe our advantage is having people around that support us.  Not yes people, but people that help you grow.  And looking to seek God's face not only His hands.

    Armando Juarez, Pastor, Woodhaven Community Church in Sherwood, OR
  • Our advantage is that we are willing to risk what we have to reach people.  We believe we use it or lose it, it's not ours.

    Bill West, Pastor, The Bridge in Reno, NV
  • If I could go back and change anything ... I'd more careful about how I spent my time.  I'd focus more on developing and empowering my team. Something we've been  working to communicate to our community is that God brings peace & joy ... with Him all things are possible.

    Jenny Quey, Pastor, Community Baptist Church in San Mateo, CA
  • We believe we need to be going to where people are ... walk away from the mass production model.  Have a willingness to serve & be accessible.

    Scott Henning, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Benicia, CA
  • At Mission Dei Oakland we believe that God desires us to be full of mercy ... He's all about mercy, not religion.  Loving people face-to-face.  Being full of mercy, like Christ.

    Alex Schweng, Pastor, Missio Dei Oakland in Oakland, CA
  • Our GHC Assessment didn't just show us where we needed to get better but it also let us know what we were doing right.  Leaning into the strengths of your church is a powerful tool.  Let your strengths lead you into what you need to be doing.  Our ministry is much more effective today than before the assessment.

    Bill McCready, Pastor, LifePoint Church in Minden, NV
  • In being a part of GHC ... I find it's a privilege to serve you and an opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.  Leadership training is valuable -- we all have something to teach each other,  to be able to pour into each other's lives.  

    Pete Shaw, GHC Lead Regional Pastor / Pastor, Crosswalk Community Church in Napa, CA
  • Our GHC Assessment gave us a set of goals & prescriptions.  Our giving is now up 20%, our attendance is up.  We have a long way to go but God is moving us in the direction he wants us to go.  It has breathed new life into this church.

    Richard Reeves, Pastor, Santa Clara First Baptist in Santa Clara, CA


How Does GHC Perceive Church Health?
The vision of Growing Healthy Churches is Healthy Churches, Led by Healthy Leaders, Changing the World

Just like with our individual physical health, determining the health of an individual church takes into consideration many “individual factors” specific to that church.

CHRIST-CENTERED: Healthy churches are not self-centered but Christ-centered so they strive in everything to display and proclaim Christ.

SPIRIT-EMPOWERED: Healthy churches realize their dependence upon the Holy Spirit’s power working in and through them.

BIBLICALLY-DIRECTED: Healthy churches engage prayerfully with Scripture in shaping their ministry.
Read More About Characteristics of a Healthy Church
What Has GHC Done to Promote Church Health & Growth?
GHC is committed to helping churches, pastors and denominations become and stay healthy. We believe health goes hand-in-hand with growth. We encourage all leaders to purposefully plan for their personal leadership growth and we are available to assist in any way that we can.

Through GHC's monthly leadership clusters, webisodes, and leadership retreats we offer opportunities for relationships and networking with others in ministry and an opportunity to continue learning and growing in your profession.

Read Articles by GHC's Executive Minister Dr. Tim Brown


2017 Annual Report


Our Team

GHC Staff

GHC Office Staff

Regional Pastors

  • Rev. Bob Cherry, Pastor
    First Baptist Church - Tulare, CA
  • Rev. Tom Cullen, Pastor
    The Church on the Corner - Albany, CA
  • Rev. Steve Curran, Pastor
    Southside Community Church - Sacramento CA
  • Dr. Pete Shaw
    Pastor & GHC Lead Regional Pastor
    Cross Walk Community Church - Napa, CA
  • Rev. Kevin Wood, Pastor
    First Baptist Church - Ukiah, CA
  • Rev. Kevin White, Pastor
    Crosstown Community Church - Stockton, CA
  • Rev. Pablo Zelaya, Pastor
    Primeria Iglesia Bautista - Stockton, CA

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GHC Board Members

  • Ms. Felicia Woods, Corporate President
  • Ms. Marjie Burgin, Corporate Treasurer
  • Rev. Kevin Wood, Corporate Secretary
  • Dr. Tim Brown, Executive Minister
  • Rev. Bob Cherry, At Large Representative
  • Mr. Terry Clark, At Large Representative
  • Rev. Steve Curran, At Large Representative
  • Dr. Gerald Mann, At Large Representative
  • Rev. Al Marks, At Large Representative
  • Rev. Pablo Zelaya, At Large Representative

What Else?

Growing Healthy Churches understands their relationship to God through Jesus Christ as a freely accepted covenant. It is fitting therefore that relationships of organizations created by Christians be bound together by mutually developed covenants. GHC is a covenanting group of churches and related organizations joined together to accomplish common purposes related to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Believing that the strength of our fellowship lies in voluntary cooperation and unity, this Covenant of Relationship is presented as a reasonable expectation regarding participation by each member congregation within the Region. It represents a widespread desire that each congregation set a goal of surpassing any stated Beginning Expectations in its obedience to the mandate of sharing the gospel throughout the whole world.

Read More About GHC's Covenant of Relationship

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