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Church Starting

Interested in Starting a Church?

Growing Healthy Churches is passionate about advancing the Kingdom of God by pursuing the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. We believe in building missionally-minded, transformational churches who are continually looking to grow personally & spiritually.

We believe health goes hand-in-hand with growth. We encourage all leaders to purposefully plan for their personal leadership growth and we are available to assist in any way that we can.

Through GHC's monthly leadership clusters, webisodes, coaching opportunities and leadership retreats we offer opportunities for relationships and networking with others in ministry and an opportunity to continue learning and growing in your profession. We ask our leaders to not only be pursuant of growth themselves but to also be a catalyst for other leaders growth process in order to encourage and build each other up.

We Value...

Being Christ-centered
We value being Christ-centered, therefore everything we do will display and announce Christ.
Being Spirit-empowered
We value reliance on the Spirit’s power working in us and through us.
Being Biblically-directed
We value prayerful engagement with Scripture in shaping our ministry.
Being Church-focused
We value the Church as the primary catalyst in the Kingdom of God, therefore resourcing churches is our central focus.
Healthy Leaders
We value developing leaders in their spiritual, emotional, relational and physical health.
Supportive Relationships
We value cultivating environments for learning, networking, encouragement and accountability.
We value the multiplication of Christ-followers, churches, and leaders; therefore, we will serve churches in the areas of evangelism, church renewal, church planting and leader development.
We value listening attentively to God, one another, other Christ-followers and to our culture in order to be more effective in doing God’s work on earth.


“Clusters” are a great way to explore potential partnership with GHC.

Cluster events are monthly, regional gatherings for church starters: we usually do a short training, prayer for one another and have lunch together. If you are looking at partnering with GHC, clusters are a great chance to meet other leaders and get a feel for the group.

If you are interested in attending a cluster, contact Tom Cullen for more information.


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Staff Lead

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Ministry Support

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