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Graduation 2017: Sabado, 30 de diciembre a las 7PM | Lugar: Portola Baptist Church

What is the Seminario?

The Seminario exists to serve the Hispanic churches of northern California by providing quality and practical theological education that is in Spanish. Those who attend are primarily pastors and church leaders of local churches in the SF Bay Area, although anyone who is interested may attend.

The Seminario is a 3 year course of study that ranges from study of the bible to practical church ministries issues like; preaching, leadership and stewardship. We meet once each week for 3 hours for class time, and students have reading assignments and homework to do during the rest of the week.

When students complete all of the courses of study in the 3 years, he/she receives a Certificate of Ministry degree. Churches and church members who have participated in the program have witnessed a profound impact in and effective change to their ministry from the time of study.

Director del Seminario

Rev. Dr. Paul Esswein, Director del Seminario

tel. oficina 1-650-342-0959, extension 103
e-mail: pastorpaul@cbcsm.org

Rev. Dr. Paul Esswein, English Pastor, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and has degrees from Penn State University (B.S.), Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (M. Div.), and Fuller Theological Seminary (D. Min.). He came to know the Lord at the age of 13 and sensed a call to ministry upon graduation from college in 1982. He was ordained in 1988.

Pastor Paul has served in pastoral ministry in Pennsylvania and Arizona as well as a missionary to Bolivia South America. He has been the English pastor since January of 2003 and has a deep passion to see people mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sitio: San Francisco

Portola Baptist Church
225 Pioche St., San Francisco, CA MAP

Curso: Nuevo Testamento 2, Romanos- Apocalipsis
Profesor: Pastor Alfredo Garache
➯ 23 de agosto | Miercoles 7-10PM

Even though we are currently in the SF Bay Area, we seek to serve all of the NorCal area and have a vision to begin classes in the Central Valley in the near future.

* New students are welcomed to attend. Registration is on the first night of class.