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Hit the Bullseye

Hit the Bullseye

Hit The Bullseye, Inc. exists to foster a peer learning environment for people leading groups of congregations (judicatories and associations) through systemic transformational change.

We believe God has given leaders to His Church to lead groups of believers (congregations and groups of congregations) to follow them in accomplishing God's mission for the Church, which is to develop disciples of Jesus Christ. Leaders accomplish this by recruiting, training and mobilizing followers to use their gifts to serve the Body in seeing God's mission for His Church accomplished.

We value missional congregations. We believe the ultimate reason for local congregations to exist is to fulfill Jesus' mandate for His Church which is to have it grow so "the Gates of Hell" will not prevail. Congregations failing to develop new disciples for Jesus Christ on a regular and consistent basis are not only ineffective in achieving God's purpose for His Church, they are disobedient to God's very purpose for establishing His Church.

Denominational and most congregational structures and behaviors reflect paradigms that are temporal and aged. These paradigms must not only be challenged but discarded. Incremental change is ineffective.


Denominations and most congregations are so irrelevant to culture now that incremental change will only slow to a few degrees the eventual and inevitable death of such entities. Therefore, we must embrace systemic change that attacks the essential mission, vision and resulting behaviors of denominations and congregations.

Risk Taking

We value leaders who take risks. Risk taking means living by faith. Major systemic changes will not occur in congregations, judicatories or associations of congregations without those leading such entities being willing to risk their very positions and reputations in order to see the Great Commission embraced and implemented consistently.


We value leaders who are both willing to be held accountable for their behaviors (including risks) and to hold others accountable. Without accountability, no meaningful changes remain in place.

Our Services

Our Training Methods Include

Ongoing training and accountability carried out in the context of peer clusters. Our mentors are part-time practitioner pastors who have demonstrated effectiveness in leading their churches to growth and health.

Specific and periodic training of pastors and staff at the specific request of churches on a church-by-church basis. Coaches are HTB staff, part-time practitioner pastors and outside consultants with demonstrated ministry effectiveness and experience. Coaches tend to be "specialists" in particular areas of ministry.

Networking is the connecting of "people who know" with those who need and want to know. Gathering is bringing people together for the purpose of training. This may be literally through seminars, workshops and field trips and/or may be virtual through the use of blogs, webinars and virtual learning communities.

Our Consulting Methods Include

Assessment is a process of gathering information in order to enhance understanding of a church's strengths and weaknesses and provide prescriptions that, if followed, will increase effectiveness in reproducing disciples, leaders and churches.

A focusing process through which a congregation's leaders identify its Vision, Mission, Core Values, Core Beliefs and a measurable Ministry Plan with Goals and Action Steps toward accomplishing these goals.

An ongoing investment of time (typically 12 months) in on-site, hands-on involvement to guide a congregation through the accomplishment of specific organizational initiatives resulting in greater effectiveness in reproducing disciples, leaders and churches.

The process of guiding the Board and Search Team through the transition from one pastor to the next. This includes training staff and the Board to fulfill their roles during a transition, training the Search Team for their role in the search process and providing pre-screened potential candidates for consideration.

Our Team

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