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What Is Transformation?

Beginning Steps

Church transformation begins with an assessment to see where the church is and what behaviors and thoughts must be changed and/or employed for the congregation to begin systemic change. The most important one that would require change first is the spiritual system. Of all the things a church can do to see change, praying that God will use a community of believers to change the broader community, is foundational.

Another key aspect of transformation is that effective people keep growing. Jesus is our model for personal growth. "And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." Luke 2:52. "Increased" (proekopten) means to advance and to keep cutting one's way forward as through a forest or jungle.

How GHC Can Help?

GHC is made up of pastors and leaders who've effectively lead transformation and systemic change. Many of us have been down the road before you and can help you grow your church or organization through the obstacles and plateaus you're facing.

Relationships with growing people can help escalate your growth process. GHC's Clusters offer leaders support and guidance though networking with other pastors, continuing leadership growth, and learning what others are doing to go to the next level.

We can also help with assessments and strategic planning, consulting, lay leader development/training, capital campaign/ministry expansion and church planting.

Learn More About GHC Membership

GHC is committed to helping churches, pastors and denominations become and stay healthy. We believe health goes hand-in-hand with growth. We encourage and assist pastors and leaders as they purposefully plan their personal and leadership growth. We also encourage and assist churches and denominations through assessment, development, coaching (personal, congregational and financial), strategic planning, capital campaigns/ministry expansion and church planting. Learn More