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Qualities of Healthy Church Congregations

Presenter: Dr. Tim Brown, Executive Minister

Join Dr. Tim Brown in March & April as he examines the Qualities of Healthy Church Congregations.

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Webisodes will be released weekly in March - April 2017 via email.

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Healthy Church Boards Revisited

Presenter: Dr. Tim Brown, Executive Minister

Join Dr. Tim Brown in September as he revisits what healthy church boards do and do not do.

This will not be the same content as his most viewed webisode series from January 2016.

In this series, Dr. Brown will teach on how church boards can become healthier regardless of the church governance style.

Recorded: September - November 2016

Understanding Generational Differences

Presenter: Dr. Tim Brown, Executive Minister

Starting in May, Dr. Tim Brown will be launching a new webisode series entitled “Understanding Generational Differences”. In this teaching series, Dr. Brown will share the unique differences between generations and what motivates each. For the first time in history, we have four generations in our churches and organizations.

In order to lead well, pastors and leaders MUST understand the differences of each generation and the art of leading amidst generational complexities. You won’t want to miss this series!

Recorded: May 2016


Presenter: Dr. Tim Brown, Executive Minister

The health of churches is greatly influenced by the health of church leaders. Although a lot is said about church leaders being authentic, the fact still remains that most secretly suffer the consequences of poor health emotionally, relationally, spiritually or physically.

So what are some characteristics of healthy church leaders? How can church leaders be sure they are make sure they are being healthy and investing in themselves, so that they can be more effective at impacting others for the gospel?

Join Dr. Tim Brown as he discusses some ideas for being a healthier leader.

6 Part Series ~ Recorded March/April 2016

High Impact Church Boards

Presenter: Dr. Tim Brown, GHC Executive Minister

In many churches the organizational governance structure actually hinders the mission of the church. Many churches are practicing an outdated model of church governance that promotes church politics over mission. So, when many church leaders think or talk about church boards it is with fear and trembling. Horror stories abound. But what if a church board was streamlined for mission critical effectiveness? What if the governance of a church actually promoted and assisted in mission fulfillment? It is possible. And the issue of church structure is one of the most important topics for churches who are serious about being effective in their mission fulfillment. In this series, Dr. Tim Brown will discuss how to structure church boards for maximum impact.

6 Part Series ~ Recorded January/February 2016

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