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Growing Healthy Churches

Healthy Churches, Led by Healthy Leaders, Changing the World

Dr. Tim Brown
Executive Minister
November 2016

The last week has been an historic one in the US. I’m personally glad the election is over; however, as church leaders, I hope we take time to reflect and learn what this election and the aftermath is teaching us about the post-Christian culture to which we are now missionaries. I am learning many new things these days and perhaps more reflections will come later. But one thing that has and continues to amaze me is the lack of respect for others and the absence of restraint in verbalizing opinions. Not only is this coming from the mouths and media posts of irreligious people, but also from many followers of Christ. Many tweets and posts on social media are nothing short of defamatory and degrading and they are also very revealing to the state of the hearts of believers in Jesus.  Read more!

Dr. Bill Hoyt
Regional Consultant & Coach
November 2016

The Story

This was a seminal moment in the history of the Israelites. The forty years of wilderness wandering was behind them. Days of adversity were ahead. They were about to enter enemy territory, a land “flowing with milk and honey,” the land God had promised them, but a land full of hostile tribes and giants.

The Jordan River stood between them and the land God had promised them. Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.”[1] God did the amazing. When the twelve Levite Priests, carrying the Ark of the Covenant, came to the Jordan, they stepped into the water as they had been instructed and the waters parted. The flood-level flow from the north stopped, forming a huge wall of water at the village of Adam near Zarethan.  Read more!

Why GHC?

No one can better understand what a pastor faces than other pastors. Growing Healthy Churches is a network of pastors and leaders who are here to support you and your church as you follow God's direction in reaching your community for Christ.
You're on the front lines and because many of us have walked in your shoes we understand the road you walk on and we care about your success. We share your passion for the Great Commission & Great Commandment and we want to help you on the journey God has set before you.
Whether it's personal growth, church growth and development, or mentor clusters, capital campaigns, pastoral coaching or placement we're committed to helping you take your church to the next level.
GHC is committed to the Great Commission & the Great Commandment of reaching the world with the love of Jesus Christ. We give leaders the opportunity to learn from other leaders who represent an array of leadership styles & church strategies.
Growing Healthy Churches is an association of churches working together in covenant to help advance the Kingdom of God by pursuing the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. Click Here to Learn More

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